Recognition of Prior Learning Training

Unit Standard U/S Title NQF Credits Duration
116587 Design, Develop and promote RPL practices 7 10 4 Days

Above credits go towards Qualification 50330 (NQF Level 7): Bachelor: Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices

Please note: Enrolment requirement: Completion of Assessor Training

Course Content

  • Guidelines for RPL providers and practitioners based on SAQA’s National Policy on RPL (2013);
  • Definition of RPL;
  • Who is eligible for RPL;
  • Difference between “access” and “redress”;
  • Conducting an Audit of current RPL practices to determine feasibility;
  • Steps for conducting a feasibility study;
  • Strategic planning for RPL;
  • Bridging the gap between strategic planning and implementation;
  • Characteristics of an holistic approach to RPL;
  • Focus areas of an holistic approach;
  • Starting the RPL process;
  • The RPL progression cycle;
  • Steps in providing RPL advice and support;
  • Promoting RPL practices in an organization;
  • Learner self-check on training completed;
  • Learner SWOT analysis on training completed.

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