Implementing QMS for Training and Skills Development

Unit Standard U/S Title NQF Credits Duration
15228 Advise on the Establishment and Implementation of a Quality Management System for Skills Development Practices in an Organisation 4 5

Above credits go towards Qualification 50333 (NQF Level 5): DIPLOMA in Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices

Course Content

  • Where to start:
    Interpreting the meaning of “quality”;
    National, sector and organizational quality assurance requirements;
    Relevant legislation and regulations related to quality assurance;
    Alignment of organizational objectives to the NQF and skills development legislation;
    Identifying an appropriate quality standard for an organization;
    Identifying key processes that critically influence quality in an organization.
  •  Planning:
    Plan and prepare for the design and development of an appropriate quality management system;
    Identify relevant stakeholders and role players;
    Establish a “quality team”;
    Develop a communication strategy;
    Record keeping.
  •  Monitoring:
    Financial, administrative and physical resources;
    Selecting, developing and registering trainers, assessors and other key personnel;
    Contracting providers;
    Systems for learner entry, guidance and support services;
    System for managing information.
  • Evaluation:
    Identify effectiveness indicators;
  • Feedback and Review:
    Feedback to stakeholders;
    Develop a system for regular review.

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