Design and Develop OB Training Material

Unit Standard U/S Title NQF Credits Duration
123401 Design Outcomes-based Learning Programs 6 15 5 Days
123394 Develop Outcomes-based Learning Programs 5 10
10294 Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning 5 10

Above credits go towards Qualification 50334 (NQF Level 5): National Certificate in Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices

Recommended: Completion of assessor training in order to understand the NQF and unit standards

Course Content

Design Process:

  • Typical features of a learning program;
  • Diagram of the program design process;
  • Learning outcomes;
  • Curriculum;
  • Issues to be considered when designing a curriculum;
  • Categories for each qualification;
  • Elements of a unit standard;
  • Purpose statements;
  • Exit level outcomes;
  • Criteria for formulating outcomes;
  • Identifying skills that learners need;
  • Selecting the relevant qualification or unit standard;
  • Ensuring that the critical cross-field outcomes are incorporated into the program;
  • Developing a profile of learners;
  • Selecting the appropriate delivery mode
  • Designing learning and assessment opportunities;
  • Overarching outcomes and assessment criteria;
  • Pilot and refine;
  • Guidelines for evaluating the learning design.

Developing Process:

  • What the program plan should include;
  • Diagram of material development process;
  • Plan and prepare for development
  • Planning sheet
  • Features of outcomes-based learning program development;
  • Learning theories;
  • Needs analysis;
  • Consulting with stakeholders;
  • Determining the outcomes;
  • Selecting the most appropriate training strategy;
  • Provision for assessment;
  • Managing the development and production processes;
  • Cultivating a positive learning context;
  • Drawing up an Action Plan for the way forward;
  • Sequence to follow when developing learner manuals;
  • Guidelines for developing a Facilitator Guide;
  • Guidelines for piloting the program;
  • Guidelines for evaluating the program;
  • Developing an Assessment Guide.

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