Assessor Training

Unit Standard U/S Title NQF Credits Duration
115753 Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment 5 15 4 days
115755 Design & Develop Outcomes-based Assessment 5 10

Above credits go towards Qualification 50334 (NQF Level 5): National Certificate in Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices

Course Content

  • Overview of training and development legislation in South Africa;
  • Understanding the National Qualifications Framework (NQF);
  • Understanding unit standards and critical cross-field outcomes;
  • The purpose of assessment;
  • Assessment as a measure to determine competence;
  • Difference between outcomes-based and content-based assessment;
  • Assessment for purposes of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL);
  • Principles of assessment;
  • Assessor roles and responsibilities;
  • Role players in the assessment process;
  • Assessment methods and instruments;
  • Questioning techniques;
  • Planning the assessment;
  • Why assessment must be “planned”;
  • Design principles of outcomes-based assessment;
  • Comparisons between different forms of assessment;
  • Developing assessments for RPL purposes;
  • Developing an Assessment Guide;
  • Possible learner needs or barriers to assessment;
  • Preparing the learner for assessment;
  • Preparing a checklist for assessment;
  • Key guidelines for effective assessment;
  • Definition of “evidence”;
  • Types of evidence;
  • Guidelines for collecting evidence;
  • Making valid assessment judgments;
  • Recording assessment decisions;
  • Definition of “feedback”;
  • Purpose of providing feedback;
  • Guidelines for giving feedback;
  • Recording feedback;
  • Re-assessment and Appeals procedure;
  • Reasons for appeals;
  • Reviewing assessment processes and procedures;
  • Giving feedback to stakeholders and role players;
  • Developing an Evaluation Checklist;
  • Training completed.

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