Company Profile

Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy was founded by Colleen Osorio in 2004 after many years of successful consulting within the training and development field. Since its inception, the company has become well-known for delivery customer service par excellence, a fact which is emphasized by the business relationships that have been formed with many major organizations, government departments and FET Colleges.

It is a non-listed entity which, together with her historically disadvantaged associate members, strives to adhere to employment equity and engenderment. As part of this organization’s Enterprise Development Program, we are in the process of assisting “Mohlongo Training and E-Learning Services” in becoming a fully accredited training provider with the ETDP SETA. The SETA has been informed that as part of our Enterprise Development, we will be submitting our own fully accredited training material on their behalf in order to confirm that the material has been developed against SETA standards.

Mohlongo Training Services is a 100% black female owned entity and we will, once they have been accredited, be entering into future bids as associates. Colleen Osorio has also undertaken to launch and market this new enterprise and to continue giving it her support.
Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy believes in providing a personalized and professional service. We understand the importance of continually developing people and equipping them with the necessary skills to assist them in achieving excellence but most of all, we believe in “Training with Passion”.

Our business values consist of:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Passion

To guarantee our clients the very best value for their money:

  • we customize courses to meet their specific needs;
  • delegates are given personalized, individual assistance;
  • we use a variety of different techniques to ensure that training is fun, whilst being insightful, different and practical, with long-term results;
  • we endeavor at all times to act in an ethical, honorable manner;
  • we show commitment in everything we do by delivering the very best customer service at all times;
  • we maintain industry quality standards as encompassed by our accreditation status;
  • we continuously build partnerships with market players to the benefit of our clients.

From a financial aspect, we endeavor to offer competitive prices whilst adhering to the highest standards of quality and service.